Dr. John Kakales

South Haven, MS

"I seated K—'s crowns this morning and I have to say I was impressed. Great occlusion, interproximal contacts were correct, overall appearance very pleasing to the patient. I would like to get together someday soon and discuss overall goals for my cases and how I can help relay as much info to get the results that I’m striving for my patients. Great job guys!!!!! Also seated K—-’s case today and again, very impressed. Once I get used to using the Zirconium crowns and their capabilities, I will like them more. A note to the ceramist: I really appreciate your time and effort in the small details for these 2 cases. I do notice where you put the marginal ridges and how natural light reflects off of the buccal surfaces. Very well done. I also notice the small striations you placed in the porcelain on the buccal so as not to appear smooth but to mimic the way a tooth actually lops. Very well done again. Reflections of light off of your crowns was pretty impressive. Again, thanks so much for an easy day of seats."

Dr. Justin Russo

Raleigh, NC

"I have been using the Bitesoft occlusal guard in my practice for years. It is a fantastic device for treating tooth damage from bruxism and jaw muscle pain from chronically clenching. It is very easy to adjust and patients love it! Highly recommend."

Dr. Mark McOmie

Chattanooga, TN

"Oral Arts Dental gives us the highest quality consistently. When we seat an Oral Arts crown our patients routinely say, "It looks and feels just like my tooth!" That is the highest compliment we can get."

Dr. Gordon Isbell

Gadsden, AL

"Oral Arts is a trendsetter in our profession. They are committed to giving us as dentists the state of the art advancements, which allows us to give our patients the highest quality of care. They understand that technology is the future of our profession."

Dr. Helton

Lexington, KY

"I am retiring after 47 years. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, you were by far the best lab that I have ever done work for’! Please thank everyone for their hard work! Also, I am giving you my son’s address that is a Dentist in Hickory, NC. I will put in a good word for you with him and any other dentist I speak with!"

Dr. Andrew S. Jackson

Pageland, SC

“I’m a general dentist and we use Oral Arts for pretty much all of our cases. We have been using them for about 3 years. I’m impressed with their workflow and ease of keeping up with the cases online. We use a Medit intraoral scanner to send cases to them and they always come back spot on. In 3 years, we have had maybe 2 issues come up, mainly either due to an overlook of an issue on my part or a complicated (hero) case. They are always very quick to respond to any issues you have and honor their work. If something doesn’t work, no questions, they fix it and don’t charge you if it’s a remake. This is very important to me because I too, warranty my work for my patients. They are such a good lab, my assistants constantly brag on them to our patients. Keep up the great work guys!” 

Dr. Justin Nichols

Sioux Falls, SD

"I want to first thank you for your fine work. As a dentist, it is a huge relief when my lab cases come back nicely finished with a great fit. Thank you! I initially found your dental lab when I was having a fiasco with my BiteSoft appliances through a different lab. Long story short, all the cases I had fabricated were sent to Oral Arts to be remade. (You guys fixed my mess.)"

Dr. Brett Hester

Valdosta, GA

“I have enjoyed a very strong relationship with Oral Arts for many years.They have an outstanding fixed, removable and implant department. Oral Arts fabricated over 120 dentures for me last year and even more partial dentures. The TrueFit 3D denture is amazing! I couldn't imagine practicing without Oral Arts. They make prescribing dentures easy.” 

Dr. Scott Edwards

Memphis, TN

"I have been working with Oral Arts for over 20 years. All of the department heads have been there since the beginning and each one has made sure to build a relationship with me. I talk with them on a regular basis, which ensures the best treatment for my patients. The quality and consistency of their product is unmatched. They provide excellent customer service and stand behind their products 100%. Oral Arts has always provided me with that "round the corner" service we always hope to receive from a dental lab. I highly recommend Oral Arts."

Dr. Len Radin

North Adams, MA

"Thank you for your hard, competent work on our cases. We feel very fortunate to have you as our lab. We’ve had many and none have came close to the clinical and delivery accuracy of our cases."

Dr. John C Comisi

Ithaca, NY

"I just wanted to send a great big THANK YOU for this case we just delivered. Three zirconia crowns (# 2, 5 (with mesial and distal rests and guide planes) and #31) plus an upper partial denture (Duraflex) – all went in without a hitch! One of the smoothest insertions ever, especially since it could have been more difficult using a more traditional modality (impressions). The digitization of dentistry is making cases so much more accurate and effective. There was no need for metal try in, wax set up, etc. This is definitely the way all dental cases should go. The patient LOVES the results and I am thankful for the expertise at Oral Arts Dental Laboratory.
Thank you for the excellent work done at the lab."

Dr. Josh Austin

San Antonio, TX

"Oral Arts has become my go to dental lab for most of my restorations. They accept scans from my 3M ESPE TruDefinition Scanner and are able to do the majority of my restorations model free, saving me time and expenses. I know that when I send a case to Oral Arts, the workflow in my office runs more efficiently. Thank you, Oral Arts, for helping me reach the next level!"

Dr. Paul Griffin

Carrollton, TX

"Your lab is so fantastic, that’s why we keep sending you work. From all of us at our office, please make sure that everyone at your lab knows just how appreciative we are of you and all the hard work you put in to every case."

Dr. Paige Lester

Birmingham, AL

“Consistent excellence on my implant cases, crown and bridge cases, and especially cosmetic/full mouth cases!  Great customer service - really work hard to make things right if there is ever any issue and collaborate on difficult cases in a constructive, professional manner.” 

Dr. Doug Harrell

Fairhope, AL

"The work I get back from Oral Arts is outstanding. They are a very friendly group of highly skilled technicians who go above and beyond to make sure deliveries flow smoothly through our office. I am very grateful to Mobile Oral Arts for the knowledge, guidance and help they get me navigating through new dental technologies that come down the pipe. Thank you."

Dr. Mark Sheklian

Manasquan, NJ

"I just recently switched to Oral Arts Lab and have done a variety of procedures. I am very pleased with the fit and finish of the Zirconia, PFM and implant crowns. I also did a large case with the Select department that turned out fabulous."

Dr. Jancy Parkerson-McGovern

East Ridge, TN

"Love this lab! I have been using them for over 10 years and they always deliver an amazing product. Their Select department is outstanding on cosmetic cases as well."

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